FutureDMS Consultation Report

Earlier this year FutureDMS undertook a number of community engagement events, both direct and on social media, to consult on ideas on how to improve the local environment and develop better local facilities for everyone. The response was remarkable and the ideas arising from the exercise are summarised in this Report, together with some options for the community to consider. These can be viewed by clicking on the heading.   FutureDMS would any comments via Facebook page or future.dms.2018@gmail.com.

FutureDMS Proposals for junction of Silverknowes Road/Main Street

These are ideas to make the crossing safer for pedestrians. They are shown as a diagram and also artistic impression of how it might look. These can be viewed by clicking on the heading.  More information is provided in the FutureDMS 2018 Consultation Report to which a link is also available on this page. FutureDMS would very much welcome any constructive comment on the proposals via Facebook group FutureDMS or at future.dms.2018@gmail.com

Provisional Proposals to upgrade the roundabout on Main Street.

These are proposals by the council to improve the roundabout and the details are shown if you click on this message. The proposals are on hold while a traffic monitoring survey in undertaken to establish if an alternative case can be justified for a traffic light controlled junction. The final decision will be taken on a cost/risk analysis and will be put out to public consultation in the New Year. The Association would welcome any constructive comments on these proposals or the suggested alternative. Click on heading for diagram


Police Advice

Information regarding home security to prevent house break-ins has been provided by the police . This is helpful and useful advice regarding all aspects of making it more difficult for potential intruders and burglars.   More in depth information can be found in the Reports Section of website.  

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