About Us

The Association was formed in 1955 (formerly the Davidson's Mains and Silverknowes Ratepayers Association) and has been serving the community since that time.

The Association exists to protect and promote the interests of local residents in all appropriate aspects of community life.  Membership is open to all residents of the area while the day to day administration is undertaken by a management committee who are elected by the membership at the AGM .

The management committee encourages local people to contact it on matters of concern and keeps them informed through a notice board and periodic newsletters.  The Association is strictly non-political under the terms of its constitution but works closely with local elected representatives on a non partisan basis on local issues.

All planning applications are monitored and where necessary amendments or objections are submitted.

A close interest is also taken on maintaining and improving the environment including the protection of local parks and woodland and public open space. Interest is also maintained on public transport and traffic management issues. On major issues the association organises public meetings and leads public campaigns including fundraising events.

The Association is funded by subscriptions paid by local residents.

Contact details:

Secretary Mrs. Charlotte Cowe, 151 Main Street, Davidsons Mains, Edinburgh, EH4 5AQ. Tel 0131 336 2494  email charlotte@dmains.co.uk

The members of the Management Committee are:

Chairperson: Rod Alexander 336 3856

Treasurer:    Gordon McGregor     

Seonaidh Edgar; Brian Flanagan;  Coll Gardner;  Tim Mitchell; Laura Thomson; Ellen Searle; Jill Smith, Carolyn Williams


Davidson's Mains & Silverknowes Association
Chairperson  Rod Alexander  336 3856  rodalexander@blueyonder.co.uk     Secretary  Charlotte Cowe  336 2494   charlotte@dmains.co.uk

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